How a Grand Theft Auto 5 Heist Can Go Badly Wrong


Recently we decided to play through a few heist setup missions on Grand Theft Auto 5, specifically ‘Series A Funding’ as that offered double RP points and cash rewards. One of the setups, ‘Trash Truck,’ involves posing as garbage men, stealing a garbage truck and attempting to pick up certain trash bags off the street that are full of drugs while defending the haul from a rival gang along the way. Here are the results of that effort captured in screenshot form.

The image above is our team. Alan is on the far left, then Pete, followed by Pete’s Lost Twin and finally some dude who spent the entire time either getting shot or run over. We’ll call him The Fourth Guy.


Like that. This happened about 15 feet down the road after we’d started, Pete’s Twin managed to plough through our Fourth Guy who then got thrown into the air after slamming into a passing motorbike. Our hero proceeded to steal said motorbike, and we carried on our merry way to where our trash truck was waiting to be stolen.


For some reason this pedestrian got in the way, and we captured the exact moment his arm and leg completely shattered. And presumably his ribs, spine, skull and internal organs. We’re certain he’ll recover.

Once we had commandeered the trash truck we got to work.


Things started off well, as Pete’s Twin and The Fourth Guy had control of the truck while Alan and Pete hung onto the back and collected the necessary trash.


When the rival gang inevitably showed up we even did a swift job of dispatching those bad guys.


The problems started when bullets started flying in built up civilian areas during the final trash bag pickup, as pedestrians and drivers started to panic. Alan got run over during the initial hysteria.


And then again immediately afterwards.


After staggering to his feet and joining Pete back on the rear of the trash truck, we were almost home and dry. That is until The Fourth Guy somehow flipped the damn thing, ensuring Alan had a really, really bad day.


After that accident we finally completed our task, but if it could have gone wrong it certainly did go wrong.

Alan & Pete Play and can be found on Twitter and YouTube.  They are regularly involved with garbage-related accidents.

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