How a Grand Theft Auto 5 Heist Can Go Badly Wrong


Recently we decided to play through a few heist setup missions on Grand Theft Auto 5, specifically ‘Series A Funding’ as that offered double RP points and cash rewards. One of the setups, ‘Trash Truck,’ involves posing as garbage men, stealing a garbage truck and attempting to pick up certain trash bags off the street that are full of drugs while defending the haul from a rival gang along the way. Here are the results of that effort captured in screenshot form.

The image above is our team. Alan is on the far left, then Pete, followed by Pete’s Lost Twin and finally some dude who spent the entire time either getting shot or run over. We’ll call him The Fourth Guy.

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GTA Screenshots in High Resolution

We’ve taken a few more screenshots, this time in 3200×1800 resolution –

GTA5_2015_07_30_11_18_35_900 GTA5_2015_07_30_11_13_46_739 GTA5_2015_07_30_11_07_31_382 GTA5_2015_07_30_11_09_50_279

You can view the full album on Imgur here, which will be updated regularly.

Snapmatic Pictures From Grand Theft Auto V

When we’re taking a break from the usual carnage of GTA Online I like to take time out to snap photographs, particularly of our vehicles and action shots when we’re occasionally not under heavy machine gun fire.

The results of some Snapmatic photos across the Rockstar Social Club site and Twitter are spectacular, it is ridiculously easy to get good pictures without going to college, spending thousands on equipment and half your life looking for that ‘perfect moment.’  Such is the magic of Instagram-style filters, love them or hate them.

So anyway, here are a few shots taken from Grand Theft Auto V.