Snapmatic Pictures From Grand Theft Auto V

When we’re taking a break from the usual carnage of GTA Online I like to take time out to snap photographs, particularly of our vehicles and action shots when we’re occasionally not under heavy machine gun fire.

The results of some Snapmatic photos across the Rockstar Social Club site and Twitter are spectacular, it is ridiculously easy to get good pictures without going to college, spending thousands on equipment and half your life looking for that ‘perfect moment.’  Such is the magic of Instagram-style filters, love them or hate them.

So anyway, here are a few shots taken from Grand Theft Auto V.







Alan & Pete Play Grand Theft Auto Online || Alan & Pete vs The Mountain

For our first WordPress post I thought it would make sense to start with our latest video, where we decided to take a motorbike up a mountain (which in itself was no easy task with Alan driving), drive it off a ramp up there and spectacularly dive off and parachute to safety.

That worked out quite well.  For one of us.  Then neither of us, as we tried in vain to get back down without killing ourselves.