Blackwake Is Looking Hilariously Brilliant


PeteWe love pirate themed games.  I’ve put a lot of time into Sid Meier’s Pirates, and Alan and I between us have put nearly 100 hours into Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag.  Hell, I shamefully played Puzzle Pirates for more hours than I’d ever admit.  Blackwake is a new multiplayer FPS game based around controlling every aspect of a pirate ship from captain to gunners, so teamwork is essential.  It’s currently on Kickstarter where it has comfortably made its target total for a release on PC and Mac, so hopefully the fact that there’s a lot of interest in this game will mean it sails through the Kickstarter phase along its way to a full release.  Get it? Sails? I’m wasted here.

What makes this game appealing to me is how hilarious it looks.  If you’ve ever seen an Alan & Pete Play video you’ll know we like to laugh a lot, and this game looks like it’ll make us do exactly that.  Take a look at the following trailer:

This is exactly the sort of game we thrive on playing, hence why most of our videos consist mainly of chaos, no idea what we’re doing and generally getting everything wrong – exactly what this game promotes itself as.  Here are some of the features you can expect when the game is out of pre-alpha, according to Kotaku:

  • You and your crew are in charge of every aspect of a ship, including loading/firing cannons, repairing holes and sails, manning the pumps, and boarding the enemy ship

  • The captain can give the crew commands and orders, but it’s up to the crew to carry them out

  • You can name and customize your team’s ship

  • You can overthrow your captain

  • You have an “assortment of 18th century firearms” at your disposal, though it looks like you can get creative with what you use as a weapon

  • The game is match-based, and will feature different types of objective modes including assaults on enemy ships, defending your own ship, capturing the treasure, and more

  • The weather and landscape system is robust, allowing you to experience everything from storms, to icebergs and sandbars – which will affect your game

  • There will be hats

For a more intense look at the gameplay featuring players who seem to have some idea of what they’re doing, check out this video as well:

We can’t wait to learn more about this game, we’ll keep you posted on any developments.

Alan & Pete Play can be found on Twitter and YouTube.  They once invaded Tortuga in a dingy.

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