Dying Light Part 2 – Prologue End

Continuing on from Part 1 of our Dying Light playthrough where we started the Prologue, in Part 2 we step out into the city, find another small settlement and run a few errands for them in preparation for a nighttime scavenge – when the really nasty zombies come out.

The intro song is “Light And Solitude” by the Japanese band Envy, from their album Recitation.

Cocking About on GTA Online

Sometimes at the end of a serious mission or heist we like to cock about for a while, so here’s a video of us doing exactly that.

The Crew Gameplay Video

We think The Crew is an underrated game. Sure it isn’t perfect – it markets itself as a ‘MMO racing game’ which it isn’t and the story is cheesy and way too drawn out before you really get to experience the meat of the game (factions, PVP etc), but as a standard co-op experience it’s a lot of fun. Some reviewers gave the game scores as low as 5/10 which we feel is harsh, so if you’re still on the fence regarding The Crew hopefully this post and the following gameplay video of Pete racing through the streets in a Volkswagen Golf might convince you to give it a try.

Grand Theft Auto Online – Let’s Steal A Train

During the course of this video we did manage to work out that stealing a train was unfortunately impossible in GTA 5, but that didn’t stop us from trying. We also fumble our way through a mission and once again attempt a parachute jump.

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Grand Theft Auto Online || FROGGER!

While watching a video entitled “6 Things To Do In GTA 5 While Waiting For Heists” about a month ago the idea of playing ‘GTA Frogger’ caught my attention as something Alan and I could have a lot of fun with, as getting hit by vehicles is amusing in any situation.  What we put together far exceeded our expectations, as although we got off to a relatively slow start one moment in the video had us laughing harder than at any point before, and it’s definitely a video that needs sharing here.  We hope you enjoy it.