RPG Maker VX Ace: The Book of Metal with Commentary

Alan finally gets the chance to play Pete’s game in progress made using RPG Maker VX Ace, The Book of Metal.  We start out in the quaint town of Soddington as metal is soon stolen by evil mastermind Stubbs and his minions.

Watch footage of an earlier build – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdo0yBxKlW8

We have outtakes too – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tTGif0yqvA


RPG Maker VX Ace – The Book of Metal Outtakes

Watch as Alan repeatedly cocks up the intro for our upcoming video where we play Pete’s RPG Maker VC Ace game The Book of Metal.

The Book of Metal – WWE Triple Triad

The Book of Metal is Pete’s first real attempt at creating a video game through RPG Maker VX Ace, and the idea behind The Book of Metal is that metal itself has been stolen in the form of a book and it’s up to our heroes to claim it back.

Triple Triad is a game I wanted to add from the beginning but not directly rip off the Final Fantasy 8 version, so I decided to make it based on WWE and NXT Superstars.  So for fans of RPGs, Triple Triad, metal music and professional wrestling (which is a niche audience, but hey) this is something you’ll hopefully enjoy.