Dying Light Part 4 – Meeting Rais

In part 4 of our Dying Light Playthrough we travel across the treacherous city to meet with primary antagonist Rais, and find ourselves running errands for him in an attempt to not only find out where he keeps an important document he stole, but also to earn valuable Antizin for the people back at The Tower.

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Dying Light Part 3 – The Hunt For Antizin

In Part 3 of our Dying Light playthrough we go out looking for airdrops containing the zombie virus suppressant known as Antizin for the good people holed up in The Tower, seeing as rival faction leader Rais stashes it all for him and his people to sell it for ridiculous sums of money.  We also learn that our hero Crane isn’t the nice guy everyone thinks he is, we get our first taste of how intense night time can be, and that we really suck at navigating the city.

The opening track to this one is from a movie called Casshern, the track is called “Prayer.”

To get up to speed with what we’ve done so far, check out Parts One and Two where we play the prologue.  For everything else check out our YouTube page.

Dying Light Part 2 – Prologue End

Continuing on from Part 1 of our Dying Light playthrough where we started the Prologue, in Part 2 we step out into the city, find another small settlement and run a few errands for them in preparation for a nighttime scavenge – when the really nasty zombies come out.

The intro song is “Light And Solitude” by the Japanese band Envy, from their album Recitation.