Players Have Been Creating Incredible Designs in Planet Coaster


There are two big games being released in the theme park management simulation genre this year, RollerCoaster Tycoon World which is out now in early access (and has received mixed opinions at best, but it’s getting there) and Planet Coaster, designed by the guys who made RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 but without the influence of Atari this time around.

Planet Coaster is currently in its open alpha phase for those who have purchased the ‘early bird’ (and expensive) version of the game and while reports of limited design capabilities are hampering the experience for testers certain players have found ways to bypass these limitations.  The following video is what they’ve achieved so far, and I can only imagine how good some of the theme parks in the game will look once these talented people have access to increased capabilities as development progresses.


Planet Coaster is available now in its alpha state for £50/$70 from the Frontier Store and has an expected release date of Q4 2016.