The Book of Metal – WWE Triple Triad

The Book of Metal is Pete’s first real attempt at creating a video game through RPG Maker VX Ace, and the idea behind The Book of Metal is that metal itself has been stolen in the form of a book and it’s up to our heroes to claim it back.

Triple Triad is a game I wanted to add from the beginning but not directly rip off the Final Fantasy 8 version, so I decided to make it based on WWE and NXT Superstars.  So for fans of RPGs, Triple Triad, metal music and professional wrestling (which is a niche audience, but hey) this is something you’ll hopefully enjoy.

2 comments on “The Book of Metal – WWE Triple Triad

  1. It looks good! My only visual issue is that the templates don’t quite fit the theme. You’ve used what we call the Triple Triad Realms templates, which are kind of RPGish, but look a bit silly with the subject matter chosen.

    Out of interest, did you find them on my site,

    If you’d like, I could knock together something more WWE-ish?


    • Hi, thanks so much for the advice, the image is from as part of the coding so I don’t know where the source material came from. I appreciate the offer but I have managed to put something together that’s more relevant than the Reals template, specifically a plain WWE logo background.


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